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i'm being bad...

and skipping class today so i can actually try and get some sleep. i need to go up to school anyway and spend time in the library doing research but i'd hate to drive the 25 miles for nothing really... there's so much i need to do here like laundry and clean my room and go down and pay rent.  allen texted me yesterday trying to tell me he wants to be friends because i'm "such an awesome girl" who "deserves better" and all that jazz. i don't know what acid he's tripping balls on right now that makes him think i'm ready to forgive him for what he did. so i went ahead and told him he's being used and he pretty much said he thought he might be too. so why effing stay with her? really? i'm starting to move on to someone else and that situation is even worse but i really hope it works out...


so i was just told that the girl allen is now trying to pursue isn't even sure she likes him.
she was just doing it to make the boy she REALLY wants jealous.
the funny thing is... he doesn't want her... at parties he tells me to stay by him just in case she gets drunk and tries to be all over him.
so haha dumb bitch because the boy you want thinks you're gross...
and haha allen because you're going to feel the pain that you put me through.

oh dear..

what have i gotten myself into now?

the end of a legacy.

Rest in peace Teddy Kennedy... all the Kennedys are gone now :( and it makes me sad. i've already cried like twice over it. they were my favourite american family and it really sucks to know they've all died now.

wow.. really?

EX DRAMA: apparently allen has been on dates now with a girl at work he used to talk shit about and say everyone thought she was annoying... normally i feel mad when boys downgrade after dating me but this is just funny... she's really not cute and she's kind of pudgy. haha.

SCHOOL: once again there are 9 people in my polisci class and 5 of them are from my last one lol. including cute boy who sits in the front ;]

WORKOUT: did another 2 miles today... thanks to being angry. i'm hungry... i've had a piece of toast and some famous amos cookies today. that's it. i know i shouldn't eat this late but i probably won't have time tomorrow before work soooo.... met some cool people at the hot tub after that :]

run run run.

 2 1/2 miles today. my cramps were starting to act up. i'll do 3 1/2 tomorrow to make up for it. i think i've found my form of stress relief. i always feel not so mad/sad/whatever after working out. and i'll be looking good for taking out my anger :D couldn't think of anything better. i've picked up shifts on my days off so i don't have one this week. it's going to be so busy with school starting tomorrow...

i'm proud of me..

it's the last saturday night before school starts up and instead of partying i went and burned 200 calories by brisk walking 3 miles on the treadmill and then got into the hot tub after. and i've eaten healthy all day. drank water and green tea. had organic eggs and milk with toast for breakfast. eating tuna fish with olive oil mayo on crackers now. still feeling a little beat up over boys though :/ ready for that to end. i'm just gunna have to do work/school/work out all the time to take my mind off of it! 

fed up.

i'm tired of sitting here and playing games with allen. i'm sick of him saying he really likes me and that he wants to be my boyfriend again just to have him act like he's not interested and then ignore me for a few days. it's not even worth it anymore. i tried.... can't tell me that at least.

last night mark made the best food, brought me ice cream, and watched a movie with me... i think he's way ahead in this race now.

Smells goooood.

Mark just made chicken with peppers and spinach with mashed potatoes! Plus he bought me Maggie moo's icecream! My fav!

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dear hangover,

you are not pleasant.
go away.